No Anthem


The elections that took place in the Netherlands last Tuesday were about more than the government. In the province of Noord-Brabant, there was an additional question. This question was about a unique aspect of the province: the absence of an anthem. The Queen’s Commisioner decided this should change. Three songs were proposed, all less than a hundred years old. One of them, from the same composer of the emotional song ‘kadeng kadeng’, is a disgrace to good taste. The other two are nice to sing along in the pub.

And which song was chosen? None! 40% chose not to have an anthem in Brabant. This is a big relief. I did not like the idea of having an anthem at all and I’m glad so many people agree. The Netherlands is a country where the norm is being normal and not making a fuss about silly things like an anthem. This is reflected in the fact that the flag of Brabant looks more like a tea towel than a banner.

The continued absence of an anthem in Brabant will keep us down to earth and will speed up ceremonies and sport events. Hurray!


The song by Guus Meeuwis

The song by Guus Meeuwis isn't that bad, but it's absolutely not anthem like. I don't know about the other ones though.

The 'Brabantse identiteit' is just a riddle, like pointed out sometime on Omroep Brabant ('De Olifantendoders').

Bram Schoenmakers
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