Filename filters


Flavio Castelli added a nice feature to Strigi: the ability to include or exclude files from the index based on their file name. This feature has been in Strigi since the last two releases. And while Flavio has been busy writing a report about it, I have smoothed out the feature a bit and made it more universal so that it now also works on names of files that are embedded in other files. Here is a screenshot that shows the dialog for configuring these filters. (input from the usability teams is welcome ;-)

The screenshot is of the current version in SVN. We’ll have a new release shortly.


A few issues

1. "Arabic" placement of the buttons? Normally these are placed on the right hand. 2. A help buton could display more info. 3. Make buttons standard with icons and capitaized names). 4. If the 'include' btn is toggleable, maybe rather display a checkbox within every list item (yes, simple solutions are harder to implement!). 5. Missing accelerators for the buttons. 6. Is this KDE code? If so, use KDialog, what wil lgive you standard OK/Cancel buttons. 7. More info on the (old) KDE standards guide.
Except these issues, I like the idea of this dialog :)


Remember that some people are colourblind and won't be able to tell the difference between the red and green boxes, so you need to use something else there as well - such as plus and minus signs, or ticks and crosses.