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Yesterday, I compiled KDE4 and ported the jstream kioslave to it. This means that now you can open email attachements or embedded files in any KDE application without writing a temporary copy. The screenshot below shows konqueror with a treeview of the testdata that comes with Strigi. You can see that the sizes and modification times of the files are displayed properly.

There is discussion on the mailing list about the possibility of integrating this functionality deeper in KDE by adding it to libkio. In any case the kioslave is available now in SVN.



nice work again, Jos. i'd say it really belongs in KDElibs, making the KIOslaves a notch better again. this, combined with the work by Allan on seekable KIOslaves, will bring KDE's filehandling up to the next level. all the while NO other desktop environment is able to match the previous KIOslaves implementation, which dates back to KDE 2...

i'm looking forward to opening a movie in a zipfile on a sambashare, and being able to seek!
tough i guess there is still some work to do for that :D

btw the ability to open a text file in a zipfile, change it, and hit 'save' is something i really look forward to. i wonder if it's possible with your' and Allan's work?!?