Awesome FOSDEM


This weekend I was at FOSDEM and it was great. Jim Gettys was presenting the One Laptop Per Child progress (video).

Strigi saw a lot of limelight. It was prominent in no less then three talks:

Semantic KDE

abstract, pdf The EU funded Nepomuk project will have KDE as the most important reference implementation. Sebastion Trueg is implementing it and it looks to become a revolutionary improvement of the desktop experience.

Strigi Desktop Integration

abstract, pdf, odp Flavio Castelli talks about how to use Strigi from your application.

Strigi Internals

abstract, pdf, odp You can use the libraries and commandline tools of Strigi to make your desktop search just as fast.

If you want to know more about Nepomuk, you can find some really nice documents here. The latest document about the KDE implementation of Nepomuk is here. It is really worth a read! There was a lot of buzz about Nepomuk and this paper shows you why. The foundations are nearing completion and a Nepomuk-KDE workshop for KDE developers would be a good next step.


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