Code on the move


Today, the code for Strigi moved to a more prominent position in the KDE subversion repository. The code now resides under /trunk/kdesupport/strigi. This is a directory for code on which (parts of) KDE depend(s). The next step will be to make kdelibs use Strigi code for getting at file metadata. A branch in which this work is being done has existed for some weeks at branches/work/kdelibs-strigi/

You can update your Strigi directory with

or you can check it out with


If you have a KFilePlugin implemention under your wings, you might want to look into porting it to a Strigi analyzer, so that when KFileMetaInfo will be ported to use Strigi, you will be ready. No hurry just yet, I’ll publish porting guidelines on techbase and announce them beforehand.

Further in the future you can expect more changes when the Nepomuk-KDE code with an RDF store is merged. This will be less work however, because the KFilePlugins will not be affected by that change.


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