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We’re working on porting all the plugins to strigi analyzers to make them faster and make the results indexable.
You can look at the current status here. If you feel like helping in KDE then read this tutorial or look at the code that’s already available. We hope to port most of the plugins quickly.

Porting the will give KDE a great boost. Extracting metadata from files is much faster with the strigi classes. After parting the kfile_png plugin, we can extract metadata (including all comments) from a 4000 png files per second on an average laptop.


file previews

Does this speed up konqi displaying big directories, and things like file previews? And 4000 per second sounds fast, but how does it compare to the current speed?


You can compare using the kde3 kfile executable:
time locate png|grep \\.png$|xargs kfile --av
time locate png|grep \\.png$|xargs xmlindexer


This managed to crash Konsole (never had it crash before!) during the night... :D


yeah, it's the kfile one. crashes konsole :(

I'll redo this test when I have time, during the night or something.

did the tests again. but

did the tests again. but after a few runs (warm caches, esp here with 3 gb ram...) there is some weirdness: xmlindexer needs some 30-50 SECONDS; while kfile needs 40 MINUTES!

so is kfile so much slower, or is it some cache problem in kfile which makes xmlindexer relatively faster?

You forgot the koffice ones

You forgot the koffice ones! I'm sure I did a CCMAIL to you when I committed the change in the cmake file to stop them from compiling again, didn't I?
Please add them :)