JavaFX vs Plasma


Today I came across an article explaining how to run JavaFX on Linux. I managed to install the sdk by downloading the Mac version. Next, I started the stopwatch example:

animated clock in svg


90% of your CPU to run a clock?

All I can say is that it obviously doesn't work if running two clocks will totally kill a modern 21st century CPU. You didn't mention mention memory usage, but I assume that is similarly very high.

Running the analog clock applet in Plasma, updating every second, takes less that 1% of my CPU, and the same clock running in Ruby takes about 1% (according to top). I'm sure we could update the SVG theme to look like a stopwatch the same as the JavaFX one, and they wouldn't run any slower. All Plasma applets run in the same process and so there will only be one Ruby interpreter running for two or more clocks. I wonder if each JavaFX clock runs in its own JVM, or do they use the same JVM?