Hello from Maemo 2008


This message is written on a N810 at the first presentation of the first Maemo conference. To be able to show my face here I have installed KDE and Strigiclient on the N810.



That's really cool to see Jos. For a minute when we got the N810s I thought you would disappear into a vortex of NumptyPhysics and never return ;).

Here's a thought though: How about using a full-screen Kickoff as a launcher application for MIDs? With a more flexible model (think: a tab for Tasks, a tab for contacts and always using the east/west layout so the tabs are at the left or right screen edge, and a Widgets tab containing a Plasma) it could do pretty much everything the existing Hildon launcher does. Just reserve one screen edge for a system tray panel.

Anyway, have fun at the Maemo summit and at the desktop search gig too.