Buy a telephone from Nokia


Do you need a new telephone? A mobile one without a wire? Please consider buying a Nokia telephone. When you buy a Nokia telephone you support free software. Do not buy an iPhone, do not buy a Palm, buy a Nokia. Were you considering buying a Motorola or an HTC telephone? Think again. Think Free Software. Buy a Nokia. Avoid Windows Mobile. Avoid the iPhone. Avoid WebOS. Buy a Nokia with Free Software.

And use Qt and KDE.



The N97 is pretty tempting. But currently running at second place behind android phones. I wouldn't even consider Windows Mobile though.

No Vorbis/FLAC for Nokia, N810 isn't a phone

I don't see why I should support Nokia, if their mobile phones don't support playback of Ogg Vorbis and FLAC out of the box? Did you forget that Nokia and Apple objected to using Vorbis in HTML5 ( Only the N810 shows that Nokia supports free software. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the N810 if it were a phone, but as an Internet tablet it's useless to me.

Go for Nokia

+1. although openmoko may be an option? They can even play ogg (but no mp3 currently) :P