Strigi 0.7.1


This is just a quick note to tell the world about the newest Strigi release. It has version number 0.7.1 and is the recommended Strigi version for use with KDE 4.4 and Nepomuk.

Go get it.

 - Support more fields from ODF documents
 - Improved skipping behavior on streams for large files.
 - Added album art support.
 - Added support for ID3v1 tags.
 - Added MP3 stream metadata extraction, UTF-16 support in tags.
 - Extended the range of metadata extracted by ID3 analyzer.
 - Added a FLAC audio file analyzer.
 - Significantly unbreak the PDF analyzer.
 - Fix scanning trees where permissions are insufficient to read some parts
 - Check for multithreaded version of libxml2
 - Require newer CLucene version (0.9.21)`

Join us in #strigi for comments and questions.


KDE SC 4.4!

Dear Jossie,

I didn't take you for the backstabbing type ;-)

Sharing my name, yet subverting the precious efforts of me and my dear marketing puppies!

Still, congrats on this release...


Sweet Candy

Forgive me for forgetting to add sugar.

So tell me, is Strigi 0.7.1 then part of KDE SC 4.4?