Easier OpenDocument coding in Calligra and lovely junior jobs


The office suite Calligra can save many file formats, but the main one is OpenDocument Format. With a proposed improvement, it can be easier than ever to code on Calligra.

The OpenDocument files (odt, ods, odp) that Calligra writes are zip files with XML documents and images. The XML documents have a schema, a set of rules that say what goes where in the files. Here is a small sample of ODF, indented for readability:

join in. It is simple, fun and rewarding to convert a whole C++ file to the new API. As part of the initial patch, I have converted three files and the code looks way better now. I even found and fixed a few small errors that were uncovered by this stricter API.

I wrote most of this code at the Akademy. It was a very inspiring week and I simply had to revive this code which I’d started on two years ago and I’m happy that it’s finally close to landing.


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