Painting on a rotating disc


At Akademy 2015 in A Coruna, I visited the museum Domus. This had an exhibit on the working of the brain. A huge touch screen was running a simulation of a rotating disc on which visitors could ‘paint’ with their fingers. The simulation was there to talk about creativity and the brain. With my limited skill, I created the following piece of art:

kde on a disc

Not all KDE participants got a chance to see the Domus and I did not want them, especially the Krita developers, to go without. So I roughly recreated the rotating disc application in JavaScript. It’s quick and buggy and tested only on the desktop in Chromium and Firefox. It would have been much better if I’d written it in QML. Instead I chose for a version that can be run quickly in the browser.

Click on the image below to give it a try.

recreation in javascript


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