New job, but no Akademy



Since June of this year, I’m working for NLnet foundation. NLnet gives grants to people to improve the internet.

NLnet is growing because it is handling grants for European Next Generation Internet (NGI) programs. This means more funds for new search technologies and privacy enhancing technologies. Typical grants go towards the creation of materials (mostly software) that are made available under free licenses.

I’m honoured to have been asked for this position and will do my best for the success of the projects that we support.

The list of projects that received support from NLnet is very long. In the past I was lucky enough to get grants from NLnet to work on Calligra, WebODF, and ViewerJS.


Akademy starts today, but alas, no akademy for me this year.

I’m celebrating my parents anniversary this weekend and will be at a water park instead of a warm bath of KDE-ers.

Luckily I can attend the new Linux App Summit in Barcelona in November which is back to back with RustFest. So I will not miss out on Free Software desktop conference this year.

My old friend and new colleague Michiel Leenaars is attending Akademy. He will be there to talk about the Next Generation Internet. Michiel will inspire the attendees to come work for an open internet with support from the EU and NLnet. His presentation is just after the Sunday keynote.


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