Unfinished projects


During the last years, I’ve been doing a lot of coding and no blogging. That’s a shame because without good announcements, there is no chance for people to know about the code.

All of the projects I’ve been coding on are more or less unfinished which is why I’ve not been too keen on blogging about them. It’s time to get over this inhibition and show the world these rough gems in all their glory.

This blog is just the announcement of more blogs that are about to come. For now, the projects that I’ll be be blogging about are just listed here with a short description and a link to the repository.

I will be fighting the urge to polish the projects more and delay announcing them even further. The plan is to blog about one project per week.


RDF graphs contain triples. Prepending the triples from the graph with the IRI of the triples gives quads. The Dutch word kwats sounds like quads but means nonsense.

Kwats is a simple server where triples can be stored and queried. Triples are added in the form of graphs. The graphs are stored as files in git, along with provenance information.

A running server keeps the graphs in memory. Rules about what is allowed in the graphs is written in the form of SHACL.

Subtree of Life

Subtree of Life is a webpage to create phylogenetic trees that show the relationship between the species of your choice. How are cat, dog and bumblebee related? Like this.

The code for this webpage is finished. The user experience, documentation and packaging can be improved.


Xust was a big COVID project. It is meant to become an XQuery implementation like BaseX and Xidel.

Xust main has 1218 commits and the XQuery functionality is not usable yet. The repository contains Rust crates for an XML DOM, DTD validation, and XML Schema validation.

This is a fun repository to work on because of the large number of tests. The CI shows 75551 tests at the moment that finish in seconds.


Rehorse is a web application for rehearsing music. It started off as way to loop recordings that matches the sheet music. So you can loop easily between, say, measure 10 and 12.

The application has been in production for years but is not very polished. I maintain an instance of it for members of two bands.

Nix flake for KDE software

kde-nix-flake packages KDE software for Nix. Nix is a package manager available for many Linux distributions. It handles packaging, setting up a development environment, testing and deploying.

The file flake.nix contains instructions for running stable and nightly KDE software, setting up a build environment with nix develop, running tests with nix check, using Plasma as a desktop, using the binary cache for quick installation, and running jobs on a CI server.

Keeping this repository up to date with the development speed of KDE has turned out to be a challenge.


The simply named diary is another unfinished application that has been in production for years. It is a desktop application based on rust-qt-binding-generator that I use to write notes.

It was also meant to keep a calendar and a list of todo’s, but those parts are not finished.


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