GreaseMonkey scripts

The Firefox extension is very useful for making websites behave as you would like them to behave. I've written two scripts for GreaseMonkey so far.

Preload and easily navigate photo gallery pages with mouse and arrow keys. This script gives Firefox the feel of a normal image viewing application on top of the normal website. If you've installed the script, here are some examples of a page where you'll see the script in action.
Version history:
2006-01-22: revert links when QuickGallery is 'closed' and test images
2006-01-13: assigned 'z' to zoom (bugfix), improved image finding, added close button
2005-12-02: updated the script to work with GreasMonkey 0.5.3
2005-06-08: fixed RegExp problem and improved Opera key bindings
2005-06-04: updated the script so that it works with Opera 8
2005-06-03: added support for normal links to images
2005-06-02: 90% rewrite. Added images as overlay, tooltip, and zooming.
2005-06-01: Initial write.

Here's a nice review of QuickGallery QuickGallery screenshot

Press ctrl-space to show one-letter shortcuts on links.